Moving Day… Again

It seems that I have done nothing but pack and unpack in the last 10mths.  Let’s hope I’ve seen the last of it for a while.  I am so sick and tired of boxes, I am beginning to think I never want to sell my house ever, even if the kids get too big for their rooms or we win a loto large enough to buy a mansion.  The thought of moving again stresses me to no end.  But to recap…

In October of 2013, my family and I moved from Quebec to Ontario. Packed up the house, the kids, the dogs, the cat, and the fish and here we are in Ontario. This task required two trucks, a minivan x 2, an econoline and a carload.  You would think that would be the end of it.

I then had to find a location for my business since city bylaws didn’t permit me to work from home.  Apparently there isn’t enough room on my street for one more car? And according to them my driveway isn’t large enough despite that we can park 2 cars plus a mini-van end to end in it. Right, because the first 20 feet of my lawn belong to the City and it’s called Frontage and so they said it doesn’t count. Craziness, but no matter how I logically argued this or suggested clients could park at the grocery store up the street, the City Bylaws Officer wouldn’t relent. So I looked around for a suitable salon.   Thinking that I had found one, I loaded up the mini-van and installed myself.

In the meantime, every second weekend, I made the trek back to Chateauguay Quebec.   I would load up my mini-van with assorted nail supplies and equipment at 6:30am. I would drive to Chateauguay about 1hr away, to unload and set up my work station at a friend’s house (thank you Val! Love ya!) and open up shop to meet the needs of my former regulars.  It was a small group. Mainly those that had been with me the longest (one as many as ten years!) and from 9am to 10pm on Saturday, and 9am to 8pm on Sunday; I would bang out one set of nails after another.  THEN I would pack up my kit/equipment, clean up, load the van and drive home.  To repeat the process two weeks later.    This allowed me to continue to make my gals happy, and also permitted me to have a small dependable revenue while establishing myself in Ontario.   I am THANKFUL for it.  But packing and unpacking to pack and unpack again every 2nd week was tiresome.

And of course,  those that know me also know how much Murphy’s Law loves me. Every single time I made the trip. weather was CRAP!  I drove through torrential rains, hail stones, snow so thick you couldn’t see beyond the front bumper so you watched out for tail lights.  Every single weekend, it was SOMETHING.   I am CONVINCED that Murphy’s Law and Mother Nature are in cahoots and figured they’d torture me for shits and giggles just to see if I’d ever cancel on my gals due to bad weather and treacherous highway roads. I never did.  I’m a stubborn bitch that way.  I NEVER cancelled due to weather a single time! I refused to let anyone down.  Keeping in mind, I have only 9yrs of driving experience. Added to that, most of the experience was in the wee little suburban town of Chateauguay. NOT highway driving with crazy people going at 160km/hr.   But I will say, I’m now semi-crazy and go 120km LOL   I learn fast 😉 if you’ll pardon the pun.

A couple of months in, things aren’t going so well at my new location. It seems that some can’t abide by the terms of an agreement, so I cut my losses and I politely said “no thank you” and parted ways while I packed up my gear again, loaded up the van and trucked my stuff home.

During this time, still making my biweekly trips to Chateauguay.

I looked everywhere for a location.  Checked out several places. Contacted several salons. I simply could not find a good fit.  Then I saw a place that was opening soon, and wondered if they had a nail tech?  I issued emails and left a few phone messages (ok, I was a tad pushy hahaha) Finally the owner agreed to meet me. Bianca’s Salon then became the new home for my business.  So packing and unpacking again to set myself up in Bianca’s Salon.  YAY finally at rest!

Whoops spoke too soon.  Forgot- still making biweekly trips to Chateauguay and packing and then unpacking, to pack and unpack again.

did I tell you that I am heartily sick and tired of packing and unpacking?  It is enough to drive you insane because no matter how many times you’ve done it, or how thorough you are, you ALWAYS forget something – EVERY TIME.  No matter how careful you are, and fastidious, something always gets broken or spilled.  Without fail.

As I said, moving stresses me out and aggravates me.  So when the time came to quit my biweekly trips to Chateauguay, as I became more in demand here in Ontario, I breathed a GIANT sigh of relief, happy danced all over my house and at the salon. Several times.  I repeated over and over how thankful I was that it was DONE! No more packing and unpacking. FINISHED! That’s it that’s all.

Damn Murphy. DAMN DAMN DAMN MURPHY!  When I find Murphy and his book of laws, I’m gonna beat him with that book until he cries like a little girl!  And if that doesn’t get the job done, I’m going to hop into my 15yr old rusty mini-van and run his ass over a few times, just for good measure!

We’re moving again.  Yup.  It turns out that our landlord really should go by an entirely different name.  Suffice to say the electrical aspects of the salon were severely lacking and even dangerous. Yes, a ceiling light fixture erupted into sparks, smoke and FLAMES right over a client’s head.

Damn…………….. moving again.

So now we’ve moved and omg point me to the right god to pray to that I don’t ever have to do this again in the near future but I have had enough.  As with moving, there are ALWAYS hiccups, and things broken, things forgotten and things lost.  But, we got it done.

On the bright side?  Our new digs are super hot and I can’t wait to see you all there!

PS: if you see Murphy, please tell him I’m looking for him…………………..

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