Why am I making a Polish Rack?

So here we are at the new salon, and wall space is at a premium in my room.   Out of necessity, I must be creative with using my space as effectively as possible.  So with that in mind, my 2 Shellac Wall Racks and my 2 Vinylux Racks just will NOT fit.   I absolutely MUST create a more space effective wall rack for my bottles that are growing in number.

Off to Google I go. Looking at this and that, and the other.  Either it’s too small, too large, or too expensive or just plain ugly.  Like this one. OMG I would kill for this.  But hey ho, not in my budget.  Maybe one day.

Tree polish rack


So since I don’t have a fairy god mother, and Santa doesn’t like my chimney (must be something to do with all my swearing, I must be on naughty list), I have to construct my own to hold my collection of OVER 200 bottles and growing. I also want it to be cost effective in addition to space effective (read that to mean CHEAP since moving is expensive enough!)

Off to the hardware store.  I have put my brain to work and with a bit of input from a team-mate at work, have come to a conclusion.  I will use molding, five strips measuring  1/4 x 1.5 x 36″.  Then I’ll connect small L-brackets to them, and pop those suckers on the wall.  Hubby pre-drills (so we don’t split any more pieces…) and we attach everything, then I paint.  Set them aside to bring to work.

2014-08-12 16.20.35      


Murphy is at it again.  It would seem that the section of wall where I want them has a DIP in it.  To such a degree that my ‘mini-shelves’ won’t fit flush and are now slanting… I have a few choice words for this dilemma. Back to the drawing board. In the meantime, I have to buy some polyfilla and patch & paint the holes I made in the wall.  <Insert @#$%^&@#$%^&*  right about here>

So my decrepit van and I head off to the hardware store again. Only this time, I didn’t find the same gent as I had before.  This one NEEDED me to draw a picture of what I was doing.  He just couldn’t grasp it.  I did all the math for him, told him exactly what I needed.  That it needed to be thick enough so that screws in the 3/8th size didn’t go all the way through.  That it needed to be 27 x 36.  He assured me that the wood panel he chose would be fine and then he cut it.  I bought MORE paint.

2014-08-13 17.37.06

So without double checking, I painted it. Wait for it to dry, then woke this morning intent upon assembly.   NOPE.   NOT…….. GONNA……….. HAPPEN.   For one thing, it’s NOT thick enough, the screws will go all the way through and scrape against the wall. For another, he cut it the wrong dimensions and cut it 26 x 37 instead of 27 by 36.  Now I’m going to have to play some more with layout.  Another trip to the hardware to find the gent I had the first time around.  THANKFULLY someone who knows his stuff!   So he hooks me up with some scraps to make braces on the back so that the screws will hit the braces.  Free of charge. YEAH, I hope so!  That last screwup was NOT mine!  So, my awesome neighbor helped me out and cut my strips to length.   They are now sitting on the back of my panel, waiting for the glue to dry so I can affix the ‘mini-shelves’ on the front side.

2014-08-14 14.23.18  2014-08-14 14.35.13


So with a screw at either end, and a paint can smack in the middle of each, pushing the strips down flush to the panel… I sit and wait.

Stay tuned for the next segment on this drama.  It seems I must always do things the hard way HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA



09062014  13.25.38 Nail Polish Rack

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