Please, read the menu…

Other Nail Technicians and Stylists will feel my pain, and regular client’s will nod their heads knowingly as they’ve sat there with me when I have received ‘one of those’ types of phone-calls.

The reason to read the menu – KNOW your options.  Yes, you should know them before you call.   I have lost count of the times I have received a phone call that went like this:

  • Caller: Hi, how much for a French?
  • Me: What kind of French would you like?
  • Caller: I just want a regular French, how much is it?
  • Me:  Well, do you mean Natural Nails with a Nail Polish French, or Natural Nails with a Shellac French, or UV Gel/Acrylic French extensions?
  • Caller: I just want a French! Why won’t you tell me how much?!

Not all salons offer the same services, and/or use the same service descriptions.  This is why reading the menu and service descriptions is important.  I’m a Grand Master Nail Stylist, my menu is LONG and the options are limitless. I have no way possible of knowing exactly what is on your mind.  To BEST meet your needs,  I need your help to answer your questions. I need to understand your expectations.

We spend hours preparing a service menu that is clear, and outlines everything that you need to know. We’ll go over it back to front, sideways, inside out and upside down.  Sometimes we have more than one version; one for brochure, one for website, one for online booking system and etc. Some of us will bust our nuts providing detailed descriptions of our services so that everything is clear and all the answers are there for you to find. BEFORE you contact us.  BEFORE you sit down for your appointment.   BEFORE we begin your service.

Why am I emphasizing ‘before’?  Because we are paid for our time.  When we book appointments, they are booked by time required for that service and frequently clients are scheduled back to back without a thought for a ‘break’.  Unless you specify and/or ask for a ‘consult’, we do not include extra time in your appointment.  Sorry, but that is the reality. YES of course you may ask questions, and it’s our pleasure to answer them… within reason.  But if you are unsure of what you want and intend a 30 minute discussion, and you think that you might have 50 questions to ask us; then you really ought to book a consultation.  That is what a consultation is for: answering questions, providing options and ideas to best meet your needs and goals. To best satisfy YOU.

Many salons will offer you a consult free of charge, as long as you book an appointment for said consult.  I offer FREE consultations with pleasure. In fact, I ENCOURAGE consultations.  But I do need to know ahead of time in case the person booked after you doesn’t want to start her appointment 30 minutes late.

Which brings me back to ‘Read the Menu’. Yes, the one we laboriously spend hours creating.  My most sincere apologies, but I most certainly can NOT read out the entire menu to you over the phone and all it’s options.  If I’m busy on the phone, then I can’t do nails. It’s that simple.  I’m sorry that you felt I was unreasonable to request you visit my webpage and or schedule a consult for me to go over my entire menu in minute detail.  BUT the lovely lady seated in front of me will NOT appreciate it if I take a 20 minute phone call during her time that SHE is paying for.  She wants me to herself, she wants my undivided attention devoted to HER and HER nails.  That’s what SHE is paying for.

So I beg of you, if you have absolutely no idea what you want, PRETTY PLEASE WITH A SWAROVSKI RHINESTONE ON TOP read the menu before you call.  Read the descriptions of the services. PLEASE refer to my Facebook page as I strongly suggest to look at pictures and to get an idea of what you want BEFORE your scheduled appointment. And PLEASE request a Consult.

There is nothing I like more than to give a client exactly what they want and then have them leave with a million dollar smile.   But if our time is cut short by 30 minutes playing 20-questions, sadly there won’t be time to give you what you want.  😦  If I have a client booked immediately after you, and we have used up 20-30 minutes of your time just to reach a decision on nail art… The odds are pretty high that you will NOT get what you want and I’ll have to do the ‘short version’ to finish you in time for the next client.

As a proud Nail Stylist, the ‘short version’ is the absolutely LAST thing I want to do….



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