Leave your laundry in the hamper please

Yes, PLEASE leave your dirty laundry in the hamper. No one wants to see the stains, or smell the stink. It’s unpleasant and awkward and we have to pretend we’re ok with it. Not cool.

Neither Facebook, nor your table at the salon are the place for dirty laundry.

I’m not talking about “oh whoops, I scratched the neighbor’s car backing out of the driveway last night!” (yes, I did that when we first moved here. HEY! I’m not used to driving a HUGE minivan and it was pitch black at night and the streetlight is hidden by a tree! LOL It’s my ONLY accident in my 9yrs of driving so cut me some slack LOL)   As I was saying, I’m not referring to minor little things, that are of no consequence.

I’m talking about DIRTY LAUNDRY.  For example – your ex did blah de blah with so and so and yadayada. I don’t need to know that, and I do not WANT to and I’m going to bet that clients don’t either.  I also don’t need to hear all the gritty details of how so and so was mean to you doing XYZ and now ABC is happening.  Toss in a few invectives and there’s a negative and dirty pile of laundry all over Facebook witnessed by everyone.

YES our lives our pretty much on Facebook these days. Especially for those of us that are too busy to actually schedule a ‘LIFE’ and so we take 2min here and 2min there and post random things on Facebook. “oh nuts, burnt myself again!” (yes, and I did and it still hurts if you were wondering).  There are some that might ‘chat’ more openly with a client of 10yrs with whom you’ve built a solid relationship. “oh the kids are great, they did xyz in school.” or “Had a rough week, the roof leaked”.

But PLEASE trust me when I say that no one wants to know about your dirty laundry.  Not your ‘friends’ on Facebook. Your Peers certainly don’t because when you air that dirty laundry, they may lose all respect for you especially if your manner of dealing with it or discussing it is immature.  Most definately NOT your clients.  They are the last people that want to smell that stink!

Clients go to you not only for pampering, but also to relax and perhaps vent (as we all know, nail techs wear many hats on the job and one of them is the hat of a shrink sometimes).  They don’t want to hear US talk. They want to hear themselves talk.  OR they want you to make them laugh with funny anecdotes.  But they certainly don’t want to listen to an hour long tirade about your ex boyfriend, or the girlfriend that stabbed you in the back by sleeping with him.  That will make them feel awkward. And odds are that if they feel awkward, OR lose respect for you as a person – no matter how good you are at your job, they won’t come back.

If you really need to air out your laundry, please do so in private with a close friend.  Only a true and real-life friend has the stomach for the smell. The rest of us just want you to leave it in the hamper.


  1. Love this post Hun! You should post it on Fb sometime, though I doubt those that need to hear it would see themselves, lol.


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