Month: November 2014


It’s like Christmas.  A present wrapped in pretty paper, full of bright colors and sparkle.

You don’t know what’s inside, it’s a SUPRISE.  Some surprises, however, bowl you over more than others.

I always get excited to crack open a nail magazine.  I look forward to what I’ll find inside; oh the wonder, the inspiration, the information intended to improve my game & educate me.  As I turn the pages, I look upon the names and faces of those that inspire me, encourage me, mentor me and so much more.   I’ve been at it a few years now. I still get that thrill every time I crack open a fresh issue of a magazine.  I STILL, to this day, look forward with anticipation to see what my mentors and those that inspire me have been up to.

Back in 2007, I was shocked to be contacted by Nails Magazine with regards to my freehand marbling tutorial that I had devised because water marbling is a right paint in the backside! I was STUNNED. They wanted ‘my’ work to inspire someone else.  Pardon? Are you sure you’ve contacted the right person? (seriously, have you looked at those nails recently? YOIKES I was awful hahahaha  WHERE is the smile line?)


Portion of NailsMag2007 Marbling Tutorial

Portion of NailsMag2007 Marbling Tutorial

So there I was in print. I was inspiring someone. Huh?  Me?  Too weird for words, but I was ELATED to say the least. Yes, of course….. I requested 3 copies: one for safekeeping, one to share and crack open and show clients and friends, and one to have laminated on my wall. YES, it’s still there.  It’s on the wall in the salon. Not for bragging rights. Funny how that is.  More of a “holy cow, even I have something to offer, little ol’ me who still has plenty to learn”.

I’ve been printed a couple of times. Nothing extra-ordinary. Yet, each time is a thrill and a surprised feeling of “how did I get picked? why did they pick ME? Why did they pick MY work?”

This month, my name is in print twice in Nailpro. Once in the “Readers Nail Art” collection of Christmas themed nails, and once for having attended the HRTE in Buffalo to proudly represent IBX/Famous Names Products.

Cropped image of full page Nailpro Dec2014

Cropped image of full page Nailpro Dec2014

Nailpro Dec2014 For having attended HRTE Event in Buffalo

Nailpro Dec2014 For having attended HRTE Event in Buffalo



I am no less excited than I was the first time, and no less surprised that my nail art was chosen for the “Readers Nail Art” feature.  The same questions “Why MY work?”

I’m just as excited as I was in 2007. It never gets old.

While I still don’t know why they chose my work for the feature, guess what?  The answer doesn’t really matter. The message is received.

Even though I can be as full of doubt as the next tech; and I can’t sculpt 4D flowers or paint ‘one stroke’ art, or sculpt a PERFECT stiletto nail (YET… you knew that was coming LOL), I can STILL inspire someone.

Which brings me to my point. No matter where you are at in your career – YOU HAVE VALUE and YOU HAVE SOMETHING TO OFFER! You are INSPIRING!  (just scroll back up and look at my marble french with drunk smile lines)

You may not be perfect, you may still have tonnes to learn (just like me!) but you can inspire others too! So get out there. Don’t be afraid. If you fall down, so be it.  Get up and dust off and try again.

Because I’ll tell you, it’s not your name in print that warms your heart. It’s not knowing that thousands of techs everywhere saw your name.  Hey, it’s pretty cool. I won’t lie. For certain, YES, there’s a bit of pride mixed in there.  What it is that reaches deep inside you is the private inbox message that no one else reads, sees or knows about from another nail tech. One you have never met nor know.  Two simple words “thank you”.  That’s when you know that you have returned the favor and ‘reached’ someone. Inspired someone.  Because that feeling right there, in that moment… THAT feeling is even better than the one you have when you see your name in print.

So get out there. Inspire someone today.  If I can do it, you can too!