Victorious Balm claims a REAL Victory!

Several years back, I was researching solutions for mine & my daughters’ skin.  I have acne-rosacea, and they have sensitive skin that reacts to many creams (as I do myself).  On a professional level, I also wanted to answer to the need of my clients.  My clients incessantly asked what cream/lotion/balm to use to moisturize their dry skin. Unfortunately, most products in the pharmacy are chock-full of petroleum ingredients that while they are great BARRIERS, do not replace moisture lost.  They simply leave a coating on the skin.   So, my research and experiments with different blends began.  I created an oil blend for nails, and a balm for skin. Both under the name “Serieuse”.  I had great success with both and many satisfied clients.

While taking my daughter to preschool one day, I met Sarah and her daughter. That poor child SUFFERED with skin issues. I gifted Sarah with a bottle of my oil mixture.

Recently I relocated to Ontario (from Quebec) and re-branded my business. I also started ‘tweeking’ my Balm. I wanted more out of it.  I wanted to keep pushing and make it better.   In the meantime, was chatting with Sarah online who has since moved to Alberta. I had seen pictures of her daughter’s more recent suffering and offered to send some Balm as a gift for her to ‘try’.

Back of leg

She even gets this on her face 😦

4Aug2014 Sarahs daughters face before

Hearing the story of her suffering broke my heart.  It’s been so bad that she has been ridiculed by classmates and by strangers in public. Treated like a leper 😦

Here is Sarah’s story in her words:

“My daughter was born with sever eczema over 90% of her body. She was miserable and uncomfortable. Her clothes stuck to her skin. She cried when she was touched. We were prescribed creams up in creams as well as oral medications that we ate found out did more harm than good. 6 years of many different doctors ans creams and a LOT of money spent trying anything from natural to medicated creams and lotions. Most of them made her cry as they burned on the open wounds of her dry eczema filled skin. Then we tried victorious balm. Within days a difference was seen. As i rubbed the balm on she would let out a sigh of relief saying it soother the itch. Within weeks her skin cleared and has stayed clear. In 6 years her skin had never been soft to the touch and now its soft. Shes not itchy all the time anymore. Shes not getting as many flare ups. Shes happy! Im happy! Its changed her life. She was getting picked on by other children and adults as her face looked dirty or contagious. Her beauty is now able to shine through her beautiful skin and she is no longer suffering in pain and humiliation.  As a baby it was so bad her skin would bleed and her clothes would stick. Her fave was so raw and sore. Her ear lobes were black i was sure she was going to lose them. Her legs and arms were so bad as well and her stomach and sides weren’t as bad but bad enough. As she got older it would always get infected as there were more open wounds then skin. She had it on her eye lids so bad sometimes she was not able to open her eyes.   It has been the only thing out of hundreds that we’ve tried. One cream the size of a small tube of tooth paste was 98$ and not covered. Id not recommend any of the creams we’ve tried as the ones that did work only worked short term and the others didnt work at all. She is doin great now! I will post some pictures soon! She does a sigh of relief when I apply the cream…. Ahhhh that feels nice! someone at lush was trying to sell us cream and Bryna said do you have the one with the big v on it?”

This is Bryna now

Dec2014 Face all clear2 Dec2014 Legs all clear2

I am so pleased to have been able to help this darling little girl. This is not only a success for my balm BUT also on a personal level. This is the kind of stuff that warms your heart and keeps you cozy in your bed.

Bear in mind, I do not make medicinal claims of any kind. But if you want to ask me if my balm is moisturizing, then my answer is an EMPHATIC YES.

What’s in my balm? 100% natural ingredients, butters and oils. No artificial perfume, or modifiers, or dilutants  or etc etc etc.  100% all natural goodness.  Nothing that you don’t need, and everything that you do.

I hope to soon launch a webstore. I’ll keep you posted.

In the meantime, I’m going to sleep with a smile on my face because I put a smile on the face of a very, very special and very beautiful little girl.


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