Nail Techs are human too.

Yup. Nail Techs are human too. Go figure, who knew?  We’re just like you. We go to work, have families, pay bills, enjoy time with friends, and put on our pants one leg at a time, just like you.

We also get sick, just like you. Yup, just over a month ago, that was me. Woken suddenly by excruciating abdominal pain in the middle of the night, I went to get a heating pad (thinking it might be ‘the womanly thing’…) and there I was; dizzy, sweating profusely, lying on the floor because I’d passed out twice and frightened my husband into calling the ambulance.   Since I’m normally healthy – he was pretty freaked out.  Blood tests, CT scan, ultrasound and etc later, they never figured it out. Guessed it to be a 24hr viral thing that my body rejected vehemently. Okey dokey, that was fun.


Yup, we’re human. We get sick, we’re healthy, we have good habits, and bad habits, just like you.

Bad habits. That’s why I’m up at 12:45am blogging.  I went to bed early because I haven’t been sleeping well, but never fell asleep. That was almost 3hrs ago. So now I’m here.  We ALL have bad habits. Every single one of us and anyone that says that they don’t is full of C**p!  Just, some bad habits are more obvious than others. Like smoking.  So don’t start pointing fingers. There are no ‘Saints’ around here.

Yup, I said it. There it is in black and white – smoking.  Complete with yellow teeth, stinky coat/clothes/breath and everything else that goes with it.  I could try until I was purple to not be unbearable to non-smokers. Shower ever day, sometimes twice. Body spray, perfume, clothes spray, hair perfume….  but it is what it is.  I tried several times to quit, but I would become this:

Child abuse is illegal, and divorce is expensive.  So I threw in the towel and went back to my nasty habit.

Until recently when I tried vaping. YIPEEEEE I found the way to do it! So on December 9th, I started using an e-vape with great success. Doing it at MY pace, calling the shots myself, so I wouldn’t turn all crazy pants like in that picture above.  Going along great!  I’m at 2-4 ciggies a day (morning coffee and after dinner smokes are hardest to give up) but already reducing my nicotine with my evape as well. They suggested 18-24mg per day to match the quantity that I smoked, and I chose 12-18, and I swap back and forth.  So for a few weeks there, everything is running along smooth. I feel good, I feel sane, I haven’t landed on the front page for murder. This is AWESOME.


Until 3days ago, then it started. Why didn’t anyone warn me about this?  NO FAIR! I’m supposed to feel better, not crappier!  Quitter’s flu has arrived and I’m NOT having fun. I have achey bones. I have occasional dizziness (apparently because I’m getting more oxygen than I’m accustomed to).  I have a nasty disgusting cough that I will not describe except to say I sometimes need kleenex.  Last night, it was acid reflux that kept me up all night.  And for a few nights, insomnia (joy to the world, I’m here to torture you with my blog).  There’s other symptoms as well. All that to say that even though I am NOT HAVING FUN YET, I will stay the course.   I got this!

And if I rip your head off anytime in the future, sucks to be you because my health is more important than your delicate feelings (I’ll probably tell you I’m sorry later when I’m feeling normal again).

So yes, your Nail Tech is human.

Just like you.


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