Month: February 2015

You don’t need IBX? Huh?

A few nail techs have said “what’s IBX” and so I reply. Then they answer back “oh, I don’t have use for that”. Ummmmm did you miss out on what IBX can do and who it’s for?  It shocks me every time, when I read that on the forums.

Let’s cut straight to the point – a strong foundation means better performance for whatever product (nail polish, gel polish, acrylic/gel) you are going to apply to the nails after.  Just as a house with a weak foundation will tilt in time, a house with a strong foundation will stand true against the test of time. The same is true of nail services.

Even if you don’t offer SOGP’s (soak off gel polishes), and only do enhancements; have you never had a client that sat in front of you with trashed nails that had you worrying how well the product would bond to such a weak surface? We all know what happens… If they are trashed THAT badly, odds are that you’ll fight a cycle of lift for a while because the nailplate is compromised and offers a weak foundation that won’t support the enhancement very well. I’ve lost count the number of times techs have said “we’ll let the damage grow out first THEN apply a new set/new nail”. With IBX & IBX Repair, you don’t have to do that anymore.

How about the nail enhancement client that wears her overlay soooo thinly because she only needs that itty bitty bit of support; what if you could switch her to IBX & Polish (or gel polish) for a quicker service that costs her less, but means you have time for one more client that day so better revenues for you?  Win/Win situation.

How about that lady in the grocery line that admired your nails but said she didn’t need your services because she wasn’t allowed nails at work? IBX is the answer to that, she can grow her own by strengthening them, and polish them on her day off if she chooses to (with polish that you retailed to her).

What about your natural nail clients, that just want a spa manicure or polish manicure?  How long does their polish last before it chips?   OR perhaps it’s a mature client with channels/ridges in her nail plate that the basecoat or ridge-filler doesn’t completely hide?  IBX & IBX Repair is the answer to that.

Why use IBX & IBX Repair?

  • To strengthen weak nails so clients can grow them longer.
  • For a stronger foundation so that nail polish and gel polish and will last longer & perform better
  • Insurance policy against damage from frequent soak-offs
  • Insurance policy against delamination caused by filing off Gel Polishes
  • Internal barrier against damage caused by water absorption
  • Repair surface damage such as pitting.
  • Repair peeling nails; no more need for buffing peeling that will perpetuate the cycle by further delaminating the surface.
  • Reduce channels/ridges for a smoother nail plate
  • Repair nails that are severely damaged from a break that tore the nail plate
  • Repair nails that are severely damaged from overfiling and/or picking, prior to application of a set so that the enhancements bond well.
  • In ‘some cases’ of Matrix damage, reinforce & repair the nail that grows distorted due to missing cells not produced in the matrix
  • For clients in the food service or medical field that are not allowed to wear enhancements, but want to grow their own nails.

Who is IBX & IBX Repair for?


IBX is a TRULY innovative product that delivers what it promises.  It is the ONE product that EVERY nailtech should have, regardless of the type of services that they offer.  On this day, IBX is now in 23 Countries, and loved worldwide.  All those nail techs can’t be wrong.

Let IBX speak for itself from your table, and you’ll fall in love with it fast enough. 😉