Month: May 2015

Honesty should be a trend.

When are companies going to be held accountable for the marketing nonsense that they flood nail tech magazines or the web with?

When will we say ENOUGH IS ENOUGH?

Case in point, this advertisement.  It was posted in a nail tech group “Nail Tips For Nail Techs”, and questions were raised.

SNS Advert

Let’s take a look at it’s claims.

  1. Real Nail, Real Strong, Real You
  2. Same strength as acrylics
  3. Odor Free
  4. Healthier for your nails with added Vitamins E & Calcium to help the natural nails grow thicker and stronger.
  5. No UV Light needed.
  6. No damage to nail beds
  7. Look and feel natural

1. If you’re applying adhesive and polymer product to your nails, then it’s NOT your real nail is it?

2. If they were the same strength as acrylic, when why on earth would Nail Techs still offer traditional acrylic enhancements since dipping is so much easier and faster to do?  I have over 25yrs experience using dipping systems. They are NOT as strong as traditional acrylic enhancements. While they are useful and have their place, they are NOT as strong as traditional acrylics, nor uv gels.  It’s also important to note that dipping systems ARE ACRYLIC.  Their adhesives contain acrylates, as do their polymers (the powders) and as such are of the acrylic family.  Please refer to Doug Schoon’s image below.  Doug Schoon is a respected scientist/chemist of the Nail Product Industry.

3. Odor free. Ok, I’ll let them have that one.  But don’t hold the adhesive bottle too close to your eyes or the vapours will burn them.

4.  No such thing as ‘healthier for your nails’. What’s healthier for your nails is an educated and conscientious nail tech that takes care not to over-file your nail plate, and a client that follows proper after care advice.   Vitamins are useless for your nails.  Your nails are dead.  The only way that vitamins are of aid is via the bloodstream when it feeds the matrix where nail plate cells are created. Long before you can even see them. It’s also impossible for them to affect the rate of growth and thickness of the nail plate.  The rate of nail plate growth, and the nail plate thickness can NOT be altered by external factors.  Nail plate’s rate of growth and their thickness is entirely reliant upon two things: your DNA (which determines the shape of the matrix that produces your nails)  and your health.

5. Of course no uv light is needed, it’s not a uv gel.  What’s their point?  Are they using fear-based marketing because of the erroneous reports out there claiming uv nail services are dangerous.  Well let me put your mind at ease with straight facts. Uv Gel services that require use of UV or LED nail lamps are SAFE!  If you don’t believe me, I urge you to refer to these links with info as provided by industry experts, including Dr. Robert Sayre who is the inventor of the SPF Rating system.

6. No damage to nail beds.  OH MY GOSH I HOPE NOT!!!   You’d have to file clean through the nail plate to get to the nail bed!  I can’t imagine a client sitting still for that sort of torture on all ten fingers!    (I would insert an image of nail bed damage right about here, but my weak stomach can’t handle that sort of thing, so refer back to the diagram of no#4).

Nail enhancement products, on their own, do not ’cause’ damage. They are inanimate. They are PLASTIC. What causes damage is people doing things the incorrect way, such as aggressive application methods, and/or forced removal etc.  Just like guns don’t kill people, people kill people.  Acrylic doesn’t damage nails, people do.  Yes, products used for nail plate prep (alcohol) and product removal (acetone) can be very drying to nail plates, but so is handwashing, handling a lot of paper, washing dishes and other daily tasks.  So moisturize your nails with daily use of oil and lotions and that problem is eliminated.

7. Look and feel natural.  Hmmm debatable. Looks and feels natural to whom? That would depend entirely upon YOUR definition of natural. the only thing that looks natural is a natural nail with nothing on it. That looks natural. Now, there are some fabulously talented nail techs out there that do a GREAT impression of ‘natural’ nails.  I have an autographed poster by such an industry Icon who made acrylic nails LOOK natural and the poster fools everyone. But I guarantee that upon closer inspection, you won’t be fooled.  The only thing that is natural is NATURAL.

With all that said, why would anyone want to use that product?  Their marketing is founded on falsehoods.  Either  A-They think nail techs are stupid and don’t know our biology and chemistry   or B- They themselves don’t know the first thing about nail enhancement products, nor biology and chemistry as it relates to nails and nail plate coatings.  Which is worse?

Lately I have noticed one advert after another that attempts to fool us. In online forums, on distributor websites, in industry trade magazines; they are everywhere.  When are we going to hold companies accountable for their advertising and their deliberate attempts to mislead clients and/or potential clients?

What’s wrong with selling the truth? Why not market the real benefits of using a dipping system?  They DO have benefits. I know because I still occasionally use a dipping system when there’s call for it. This is not a one size fits all kind of world.  No singular system meets the needs of everyone.  Variety is the spice of life.

I don’t know about you, but I think it’s high time that “Honesty” started trending because I’m tired of the

No Bullshit


Edited to add: I repeat, I do not hate Dip Nails, visit this blog post to learn more Everything Old is New Again – Same Old Song.