Month: October 2015

Brand-Bullies in the Biz

I remember when my children were smaller, and would go to the park to play. It was a busy park because there were a lot of children in the neighborhood, and the day-camps and day-cares made use of it as well.  It had everything.  Small junglegym for toddlers and preschoolers. Large junglegym and slide for older kids.  Swings, etc.    One day, my children were playing on the smaller junglegym.  they were ages 4 and 6.   An older child teased my eldest for playing on the ‘babybars’.    Mereena was notably upset because she was quite happy to play on the smaller junglegym so that she could play with her younger sister.   At that time, she didn’t like the larger one.  I told her not to worry about that kid, he could go play with whatever he wanted because it had absolutely nothing to do with her.  As long as she was content, that’s all that mattered.  The park was for everyone to enjoy. That’s why there were different toys in it. Because everyone is different. He was just being a bully.

Fast forward a few years and my youngest is in elementary school.  She’s a HUGE fan of ‘Cars’ as in Lightening McQueen and has everything you can think of.   Toy cars, Pajamas, lunch pail, winter boots, running shoes, etc.  She would have had ‘Cars’ underwear too, but I didn’t want to have to explain the flap LMFAO.    She LOVED that movie and everything that went with it.  We loved seeing how anything ‘Cars’-related made her smile. One day she came home from school and asked me to buy her a new thermos.  I asked why.  She said the kids made fun of her for having a “boy’s” thermos. She was in tears.  No matter what I said, her mind was made up by the Bullies at school.  No more “Cars” for her.   I was near tears myself that night when I scrubbed the “Cars” scene from her thermos so that it would be plain stainless steel.  She asked me to give away all her “Cars” things. It broke my heart.

WHY?   Why try to ruin someone’s love for something by bullying them?  Why be mean because they don’t like the same things that you do?  Why be cruel and toss insults because their choices are different from yours?   As a Mother, these situations hurt me because they hurt my children.  We have all witnessed bullying in the schoolyards and playgrounds.  We all participate in promoting anti-bullying awareness.

Moving on.

A handful of years ago, I noticed a strange situation on a Nail Tech forum.   I wasn’t one to follow gossip, so it took a while for me to catch on.   There had been some shifting within one Brand, and a new Brand was born.  A lot of Nail Techs left the former, and followed the New brand.  Next thing we knew; former friends had become staunch enemies.  The Nail Tech forum became a battlground and a lot of bullying took place there and behind the scenes in private messages.

What? Why?   Over what brand of product to use?   Does anyone even care what brand of soap I use on my face, or what brand of cereal I pour into my bowl?  If I tell you, will you suddenly stop talking to me, and start tossing insults my way?

Present Day.

I use brands A, B, and C at my table.  I’m not using the names at the moment because it’s irrelevant to this blog post.  Suffice it to say, neither of the 3 brands meet ALL my needs 100%  Neither of the 3 brands can deliver all the types of product that “I” want to use.   So, I carry all 3.  I’m happy, and my clients are happy. That’s all that matters right?   Please note: I do NOT mix ‘systems’. When I use Hard Gel of Soak-Off Gel or Acrylic or Gel polish or Gel Paint etc, I use the entire system by the Brand for steps A through Z.  I just felt that I needed to clarify that point.  Some might mistakenly assume otherwise. So to be clear – No, I’m not playing at being a “Mad Scientist”.

If a product from Brand A doesn’t meet the needs of a client, but a product from Brand C does, then I choose C.  The same is true for vice versa.  At the end of the day,my choices are based upon MY CLIENT’S NEEDS‘. Not by the name on the label. My first responsibility as a Nail Tech is to meet my clients’ needs. That’s it, that’s all.

There are those that will shout and scream “Brand Loyalty!”.  Are you serious?  Does Brand X give a rats-butt if you decide to buy Brand Y  Jam?  Does the peanut butter from Brand X care if it sits next to peanut butter from Brand Y in the pantry?   Does Brand Z laundry detergent care if you use Brand W fabric softener?  Are those companies yelling in commercials, or in advertising about Brand loyalty?

Frankly, I think the “Brand Loyalty” mantra is for those insecure  about their products/brand.  They’re afraid that the tech just might discover something they like better. Here’s a proposal for you – offer more, offer better and you won’t have to worry about that. AND if your product is good or even GREAT, then it’ll keep on sitting right next to the other brand on the table and won’t go anywhere.  Why can’t a Nail Tech use more than one brand?

If you read the first paragraphs of this blog post and shook your head in disgust at the bullies, then you should also shake your head in disgust at Brand Bullies.  There’s enough room for everyone and everything in the park.

Also, if you’re going to dislike me and toss insults at me based upon what brand I choose to use for whichever nail service. HANG ON! I have a WHOLE LIST of reasons for you to choose from to help you dislike me. Why limit yourself to ‘brands’ of nail products?

Ps: for the record, my laundry detergent and fabric softener come from two different companies and get along together just fine 😉2015-10-06 14.55.41