My Christmas Wish For You

My little ones aren’t so little this year. We didn’t go see Santa or write him letters. We aren’t setting out cookies for him either. We aren’t waiting until they’re in bed to put their stockings under the tree.   We don’t have as much under the tree since my business still isn’t as busy as it was when I was in Montreal. Also, the children are older, so the things they like are pricier. Our tree looks a tad barren.  Ho hum…
For gosh knows why, there’s no snow on the ground this Christmas Eve. As much as I detest winter and snow…Christmas isn’t the same without that cold white stuff.
There’s been a lot of sad moments this year. Maybe it’s because as I get older, so do my friends and family and well…. we know what that means.  It’s hard to smile when there’s an empty spot in your home, and an aching space in your heart.
Plus some crappy stuff. My van died, so my travel is limited and no new vehicle on the horizon any time soon.  Bah humbug…
HOWEVER despite all of this, what we don’t have or who isn’t here, we WILL Celebrate what is wonderful about Christmas.
What is wonderful about this Christmas Season is that I am fortunate to have a home provided by a loving and hard-working husband. I have two extraordinary daughters who I am exceptionally proud of. I have furbabies that love me with bedhead and morning breath as much as they love me when I have cookies in my hands. I have friends that care about my wellbeing. I have made new friends this year. I have a GREAT career and work for a fabulous company. I have wonderfully talented and inspiring peers and industry mentors that push me forward and support my goals. I have quit smoking and it’s 8mths now and in spite of the hardships, I’m still not smoking. There’s a turkey in the fridge that will go into the oven tomorrow and our pal Uncle Bill aka our vet will join us for Christmas. I have clients that are caring and appreciative of me who generously gifted me with some yummies.
The list goes on.
So while my life is not perfect, and perhaps I’m not exactly where I want to be at this moment in time; I am where I need to be. I’m happy, healthy, and loved.
With that said, my Christmas Wish for all of you is that no matter what life has thrown your way, please find YOUR happiness that’s within your reach. Look around you. See how very fortunate you truly are, and take joy in that. Write a list of all that is wonderful in your life. All that is GOOD. No matter how small it might be, it DOES make a difference and it DOES MATTER. Then go to sleep tonight with a smile on your face and dream of what a wonderful life you really truly have. Yes, we all have misfortune. There has to be ‘some’. Without one, there can’t be the other. So to appreciate the joy, there must be sadness. The greater the sadness, the greater the joy. It’s a balance.
The trick is to accept the sadness as part of the journey and to focus on the joys.
Embrace the joys. It makes it all worth it.
I love you all and wish all of you a Merry Christmas
PS: This started as a Facebook status, but as usual… I rambled hahahaha
 2015-12-24 22.12.02


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