Month: February 2017

She has Horsey-Hands!


As a Famous Names Pro & IBX Educator, it’s part of my job to tell you that you must use IBX.  I will tell you it’s fantastic, and strengthens nails from within. I will tell you that it stops peeling in it’s tracks, and prevents gel polish-removal damage.  I’ll even tell you about how it can help you grow your own nails. I will detail the science for you, and how it works. How it is REVOLUTIONARY. That’s my job.  Of COURSE I’ll tell you that.  The wonderful part about all of this is that it’s TRUE. I don’t have to use marketing fluff and nonsense.  IBX does exactly what Famous Names Products developed it to do.  Man, I love my job!

As a Nail Technician,  when a client sits at my table and complains about breaking her nails, I’ll tell her “it’s not WHAT you do but how you do it.  Just as my 100lb 13yr old daughter stomps through the house like an elephant and my 220lb & 6’4″ husband sneaks up on me – it’s not what, but how.  Heavy feet, light feet.  Heavy hands, light hands.  I can repair & strengthen your nails, but the rest is up to you.”

What I can’t do is put words in someone else’s mouth. People will say what they want. Heck, I do all the time! I’m also not the most talented photographer; so photo-shopping images beyond cropping and lighting is not in my skill-set. If only. It would make life so much easier when I do some fun art and the picture turns out crap. 😦

Today, I’ll share images that aren’t photo-shopped.  I’m going to share words that are NOT my own. I’m going to share Marie’s very short little story with you.  I love Marie.  She doesn’t “faff about” (as my pals in the UK are fond of saying).  She cuts to the chase.  My kind of gal 🙂

marie-and-her-horse-winter marie-stacking-hay





“IBX is magic in a bottle. I should tell you a little about me and what my hands endure on a regular basis to help you understand why this stuff is so great. To start, I work on a horse farm, I am a horse girl. I do jobs that range from; brushing and bathing horses, cleaning the tack, shoveling horse  manure, stacking hay bails, scrubbing water and feed buckets, ride 2-3 horses daily. I also do oil changes on my car, I weld, I do my dishes by hand, wash my extremely long hair, enough to say my hands work hard on a regular daily basis.  Before IBX I could never keep a full set of nails half decent. Now I can say that even though I’m a totally country girl, my nails look nice all the time! That makes me really happy. I swear by IBX!  It works wonders to your nails and I strongly recommend it!”

So there you have it, in Marie’s own words.  Now here are some pictures of her nails. I should like to point out; she tends to visit every 3wks, and we always end up shortening them considerably.  Next opportunity, I’ll snap a pic of them without shortening them so you can truly appreciate how well they stand up to the test.  It’s also important to note the condition of her skin, take a good look!. Despite how hard she works, her skin looks great! YES Marie is one of my star pupils that moisturizes regularly with her Dadi’Oil, and my Victorious Balm.

12222016-13-44-30-shellac-3d-bows-xmas-marie 11062016-19-39-58-blue-shellac-hollow-gltr-velvet-sand-marie 17092016-20160917_135220-matteshellac-copper-marie 07282016-18-25-19-black-and-berberry-shallc-marie 02102017-20-12-49-blk-red-shellac-tulle-foil-mariemclellan0114207-14-08-09-matte-grey-holo-marie









Wouldn’t you like to have “Horsey-hands” too?