Month: April 2020

You’re fighting the wrong monster

Our industry is imploding and you’re battling the wrong monster.
In this time, I have watched my beloved industry implode upon itself on a global scale.  First it was at the start of the Pandemic.  At the outset, with different regions mandating closures of non-essential services on different timetables had industry peers pointing fingers in criticism and judgement.  Across Canada, across the United States and across the United Kingdom; the nail-tech boards and facebook was lit up with infighting and status posts of anger and insult.  Nailtechs hurling insults at each other because this one or that one was waiting until the midnight hour to close because their government hadn’t yet mandated them to close.   My inbox is full of messages from nailtechs stressing out, worrying as they have no savings and what are they to do when they close? How will they pay their rent? How will they feed their kids? So on and so forth.  Meanwhile, their so called “friends” are attacking them, being cruel and mean and nasty.  Their former friends are showing no empathy whatsoever. I watched decades-long friendships come to a bitter end with a few slashing keystrokes.
I watched one status post after another, across the globe. It brought me to this.

Corona Status Ugly People

I confess, I was one of the techs that waited for the midnight hour. I didn’t realize that I was at the time.  I could see the writing on the wall. I firmly believe we are heading into a recession of sorts once this mess is over.  Everyone knows the first thing cut out of a budget when a recession hits is luxury services and what are nails? A luxury service, so yes… I pushed it as far as I could. GUILTY.   So I had made my decision round about the Tuesday.  I posted my notice on the Sunday morning (because I didn’t want my following week’s clients freaking out as I had nowhere to fit them in anyway). I went out to run a banking errand and upon my return home, a local news media group had posted notice we were to close.  The next morning on the Monday, our health board had it posted on their site. So there you have it. I closed before Mandate was issued, but only just barely.
I know for absolute fact that some doors will never reopen as the owners themselves have told me so, and this makes me sad.  I know some doors may open, but that they may not be able to recover and may have to close permanently anyway.  As for the rest of us.  We have some work to do to recover.
Now the Industry is imploding again with everyone tearing at each other’s throats with nastiness and anger because some regions are reopening before others, largely because in most cases, the ‘curve’ hasn’t flattened out yet.
PLEASE be kind to one another. Please leave the ‘ugly’ in a box under lock and key. There is no need for it. If you’re concerned for the safety of others, fine. Then express THAT, the concern. But there is absolutely no need to be ugly or nasty or judgmental about it!
If you feel that the government’s attempt to protect the ‘greater good of many’ by enforcing quarantines & closures is an infringement upon your rights, maybe consider your neighbor and their right to simply live and not die because that’s why your government is mandating the closures. For the greater good of MANY as opposed to a few.
Some feel that the expression “we’re all in this together” doesn’t encompass them as we’re not all fighting the same battles since everyone is on different playing fields and that much is true, up to a point, in so far as business and personal life is concerned.
I get it. I’m not oblivious. I know. We all do. Many governments are NOT taking care of the small businesses and many independent business owners are taking a huge hit and at risk of losing their livelihoods and even their homes… it’s scary as heck. I know.
Be that as it may, we are all still facing the same opponent- The Coronavirus Covid-19. THAT’S the Monster that you should be angry with.
THAT’S your Opponent.  Corona is the Monster that you should be angry with.
Your neighbor, your colleague, your government with whom you do not agree on a certain viewpoint, whom you may be annoyed with at this moment; they are NOT your opponents, but are instead your team-mates against Corona.
Instead of directing your anger at them, why not arm them with the tools they need to combat their foe?
It’s no secret. I do not agree with opening at this time. I don’t support that idea. However, if my colleague is determined to open at this time because his/her government is permitting it, then who am I to say otherwise? It’s not my place to be judge and jury.
Opinions are like A**holes. Everyone has one.
So instead of judging and pointing fingers, and arguing with your colleague, why not SUPPORT your colleague?   Offer to help him/her review his/her list of protocols to see if he/she missed anything?    Help him/her to obtain PPE that is in short supply these days to ensure that he/she has sufficient quantity for him/herself and their clients to last quite a while. Help him/her to obtain sufficient quantity of disinfectants.  Offer to be a sounding board for his/her concerns.
Because the reality is this:  Unless you are going to pay that person’s mortgage, grocery bills, electric bills etc etc…..  you don’t have a say about anything.  You don’t have a right to judge.
Furthermore, if they have already decided that they are going to reopen, nothing you say will change their mind. So getting nasty with them will change NOTHING. However, maybe something positive that you say or do could have potentially positive results. Think on that for a moment.
So be a Team-mate and help him/her fight the real monster.