Victorious Balm & Serum

Victorious Balm & Serum

Meet Victorious Balm & Serum!   For those serious about using natural ingredients, and serious about taking care of their skin.  Everything your skin needs, and nothing it doesn’t.

Victorious Balm & Serum are created from 100% natural ingredients.  Ingredients carefully selected for very specific benefits. I’ll only touch briefly on the ingredients because their benefits are many and I don’t want to science too much and put you to sleep 😉

Victorious Balm contains ingredients such as Cocoa, Shea & Jojoba butters and more, whipped into a pleasing texture.  It has the added benefits of natural Vitamin E (NOT to be confused with the synthetic colorless variety) for it’s anti-oxidant properties that benefit both your skin and to preserve the Balm naturally.

Cocoa Butter is derived from the Cocoa bean, which contains a significant amount of polyphenol and flavanoid antioxidants, and also has the ‘good’ saturated fats that are easily absorbed and beneficial for healing dry & cracked skin.  Anti-oxidants benefit your skin by limiting the production of free radicals that cause damage.

Shea Butter comes from the seeds of the fruit of the Shea (Karite) tree and that is naturally rich in vitamins A, E and F, and provides the skin with essential fatty acids and the nutrients necessary for collagen production.  A 2010 study by the “College of Science and Technology” found that “due to its cinnamic acid and other natural properties, shea butter was anti-inflammatory. One compound in particular, lupeol cinnamate, was found to reduce skin inflammation and even potentially help avoid skin mutations.” This also makes it beneficial for some people with acne.

Now let’s talk about Victorious Serum. In the beginning, when I first launched it back in 2008, it was known as ‘Serieuse’ and had a base of Almond oil.  It has come a long way since and no longer contains Almond oil (which poses as an allergen for many).

Victorious Serum is a fusion of oils, some of which are Jojoba, Ricebran and more.

Jojojoba oil is derived from the seed of the Simmondsia chinensis (jojoba) plant (pronounced Ho-ho-ba). Jojoba oil contains beneficial ingredients, including vitamin E, vitamin B and more and a very high percentage of iodine which gives jojoba oil its power to heal. Due to anti-inflammatory properties, it can calm & reduce redness and soothe the dry and chapped skin.  Jojoba closely imitates sebum, produced by our sebaceous glands in our skin.  As we age our sebaceous glands produce less sebum, which is why we get dry skin and hair (leading to dandruff or itchy scalp).  On the other hand, too much sebum, which happens during puberty or when hormone levels are high, can result in oily skin and acne. However Jojoba oil is non-comedogenic, meaning it doesn’t clog pores so it keeps your oil levels balanced.  Studies have indicated that Jojoba oil can also accelerate the wound-healing process, and reduce skin lesions.  This is wonderful for Excema and Psoriasis  sufferers.

Ricebran oil is extracted from the germ as well as the husk of rice.  Rice bran oil is light and penetrates easily, with deep-moisturizing capability due to its combination of vitamin E and fatty acids, plus vitamin B to help firm and tighten your skin, maintaining hydration, which helps to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Rice bran oil is considered an anti-aging secret in Japan.  It is a good source of tocotrienols, an antioxidant that is more potent than Vitamin E.  Rice bran oil also contains “squalane” which is known to help your skin look younger and fresher.

Vitamin E is found in both Victorious Balm & Serum and is easily absorbed by your skin.  Vitamin E is not actually a single vitamin, but rather a group of fat-soluble vitamins with antioxidant effects.  Vitamin E will neutralize free radicals in the skin and this aids with healing and reducing scars.  As a natural anti-inflammatory, it can alleviate & soothe eczema or atopic dermatitis, and psoriasis symptoms. The article “Vitamin E & Skin Health“, brought to us by Oregon State University had this to say part “Vitamin E is an integral part of the skin’s antioxidant defenses, primarily providing protection against UV radiation and other free radicals that may come in contact with the epidermis.”   and  “Use of unesterified vitamin E, similar to that found in natural sources, has provided the most consistent data concerning its topical efficacy. The vitamin E family consists of eight different tocopherols and tocotrienols,”

Now these aren’t all of the ingredients, I’d surely put you to sleep extolling ALL of the benefits of ALL of the ingredients.  But you can find the full list on the packaging.

If you’ve made it this far through all that sciencey’ jargon, I’ll tell you a little bit about the packaging.

Yes. It. Is. Green. Of course it is! That’s my favorite color! However, that’s beside the point.   I have always packaged my products, since 2008, in containers that inhibited UV light.  Why?    To protect your investment!

Natural butters and carrier oils are photosensitive to UV light. It ages them and by doing so, reduces their valuable properties and their effectiveness.  When we visit the Salon or Beauty supply and see products on the shelves, ever wonder how long they sat there? Ever wonder for how long they were exposed to UV light? I do, which leads me to question the integrity of the product; how old is it and has it been compromised?  For this reason, to insure the full lifespan of the products, they are packaged in containers to inhibit UV light.     The Serum bottles have the secondary protection of serum-dispensing caps.  By not needing to remove the cap to access product, you reduce the circulation of oxygen in the product. Oxygen can also speed up the aging process of natural ingredients.  An added benefit of these particular serum dispensing caps is that they dispense the exactly right amount of product. One squirt for light treatment of 2 hands, or 2 squirts for a more intense treatment.  Last but not least, the serum-dispensing caps also prevents contamination of your products.  This is ideal for use in a Salon environment, or in a home where you share your products and maybe your cohabitants <cough cough your kids cough cough>   don’t share your your hygienic habit of washing their hands.

I hope you’ve found this information to be as interesting as I did when I began my research back in 2008.  Both products have been through some changes over the years, in an endeavor to reap the best results.

To hear what someone else has to say, please feel free to read this blog post from 2014 regarding my Balm, Victorious Balm Claims A Real Victory.

Victorious Balm really is a BOMB 😉



Marian Newman, ‘The’ Nail Queen

03May2017    Interview of Marian Newman , ‘The’ Nail Queen

by Victoria-Lys Hunter www.VictoriousNailstyles.ca

 Recently I was graced with the wonderful opportunity to interview Marian Newman.  Who is she? I first learned of Marian Newman approximately 15yrs ago when I joined an online forum of Nail techs; www.nailgeek.com (now known as www.salongeek.com).   At the time, I wasn’t much better than NSS (Non Standard Salon) although I didn’t know it.  I am from Quebec.  A province in Canada that has no regulations, nor standards for the Nail Industry of any kind.  They don’t even have health board inspections for the salons.  When I joined, upon perusing the forums, and asking questions; I realized very quickly that my knowledge was abysmal, and my technical skills even more so.  I could have chosen to tuck tail and run but I didn’t.  I opted instead to embrace the knowledge so generously shared by members of the forum.  Marian Newman being one of those valuable members, and femtors.   She and a handful of other fantastically knowledgeable Techs turned my fledgling career around in the right direction; from NSS tech with very little theoretical knowledge, to Safe Salon Advocate and Femtor to others.

Marian Newman joined our industry in 1987 and is currently a Sessions Tech for Fashion Shows, Magazine Covers, Music Videos, and Celebrities.   She is Author of ‘The Complete Nail Technician” that is a textbook that every Nail Tech should have on hand, a contributor to “Milady’s Standard Nail Technician”, and in addition has co-written other textbooks.

Her most recent project is the Nails Mastered Program, an educational program with students from all over the world, who learn by her side what it takes and means to be a Sessions Tech.  Her website is found here http://mariannewmannails.com/ .

If you ever have the opportunity to meet Marian Newman or speak to her, you’ll learn very quickly that she is a warm and energetic spirit.  Her personality can light up a space, and you can ‘hear’ her smile when she speaks to you. She is very generous with her time, answering questions and mentoring those with passion for the industry.  She has a no-nonsense approach that is softened with a genuinely caring heart.

I enjoyed my interview with her and please see the following for her words, not mine.  I think you’ll find her as inspiring as I do.

  • What is the name of the salon & brand associated  (if any): “For about 16-18yrs I have been deliberately independent because I decided to create a profile for myself that was believable. A profile in the media as opposed to the professional industry and the media know if you’re being paid to say something. It was a decision made in 2001 to become totally independent to be believable to the consumer.   But now I think I have created such a profile, so I’m not quite so specific about being independent and this year I have a contract with CND that for whom I’m exclusive to them ,for a professional brand, not retail brand.


  • What prompted you to enter this industry:  “It wasn’t a plan. I was a forensic scientist and did a lot of training with behavioral therapy. Then had children, but after decided to do something for myself so I went and did a makeup course that was six weeks long and I really, really enjoyed it. During that time I discovered the professional nail industry that I didn’t know existed.  In discovering that, it brought out the whole science questioning tendency I have: why does it do this, why does it do that.  This was back in the 80’s, when there were no answers.  This is what drew me in; I never planned, never had an interest, but discovered an industry with no answers and it intrigued me.  I knew only one manicurist.”


  • What have been your milestones in life: “Back in the late 80’s early 90’s, I was discovering CND. Because that was the only co that could give me the answers that satisfied my questioning.   The next one was probably discovering media/fashion/consumer industry; which was another accident, a happy discovery. “if you don’t innovate, you can’t educate” was a saying by Jan Arnold and I STILL believe this to be true. I actually wanted to return to science, but fashion revitalized my interest.  I discovered the consumer media, and recognized that the professional nail industry only promoted to themselves and I truly believed back in 2001 and that the industry could not grow unless the pro industry promoted to the consumer and that’s why I left it for four years, completely.  During that period, I worked on my sessions work and media profile, delivering a message to the consumer via the press but had nothing whatsoever to do with the pro industry for four years. “


  • What marked a turning point for you from Nail Tech to ‘Queen of Nails’Being believable and being knowledgeable, I don’t get paid for what I say. I tell the truth, if someone wants to pay me for that, HURRAH!”.


  • What is your mantra for professional and personal success: “I really believe that you have to know your subject and when I started out as a sessions tech which didn’t exist, I truly believed that if I was going to be a specialist and I needed to be a true specialist and do any single thing that was thrown at me.  So I didn’t go to a shoot with a dozen polishes, I went with 100.  I went to a shoot with every shape of tip, I went to a shoot with every possible technique that was at my fingertips. Because you can’t be a specialist if the question that is asked of you and you say “I can’t do that”. Whatever request was given to me, the answer was always yes. So I made that a very specific thing of mine. Whatever the question, the answer was always yes. I gave myself a lot of grey hairs trying to achieve that. “


  • What would you have done differently, given the choice, if anything (why & why not)“I don’t honestly think anything because for me, all I can do is the best. So every single job I’ve done has always been the best that I could personally do and I don’t know how I could have done that differently and I have always kept up with tech and with R&D and with information and never accepted an answer if I didn’t understand it. So I honestly don’t think I could have done any differently and have always done the best I could do in that moment. Maybe one thing I could have, but if I went back, I don’t think I would have. I might have been more commercial and sold my soul and been paid by a lot of people to give their message BUT I don’t think I’d have done that”.  “I’m quite proud of the fact that I’m not a millionaire. Ethics were always no 1 priority and had I dropped them I could have made a lot more money”


  • Of all of your achievements, which one are you most proud of: “One of them is writing the definitive textbook which I worked very hard on BUT I am most proud of pushing the boundaries of the nail industry an opening new career routes for nail professionals.”


  • Who inspires you:  “People that are passionate and truly believe In what they are doing, they are the ones that inspire me. They can be from any walk of life. And keeping an ethic that they are proud of & not selling their soul. I can name many, but they are the sort that inspire me.”


The interview ends there, followed by some giggles and chatter between us.   At present, I’m eagerly awaiting her newest edition of “The Complete Nail Technician”, personally autographed. I suspect I’ve been frightening the mailman with my intense observation of late.   When I embarked on this interview, I wasn’t sure what to expect, other than her usual kindness and humor.  I left it full of wonder, inspired once more to continue down the path I’ve chosen.  Is it any surprise?

Images included are:  Photo of her first salon shop front, photo of Marian Newman, photo of her book, photos of article that was featured in the paper of her first salon.

Photo credit unknown, all ‘borrowed’ from her Facebook Page.

She has Horsey-Hands!


As a Famous Names Pro & IBX Educator, it’s part of my job to tell you that you must use IBX.  I will tell you it’s fantastic, and strengthens nails from within. I will tell you that it stops peeling in it’s tracks, and prevents gel polish-removal damage.  I’ll even tell you about how it can help you grow your own nails. I will detail the science for you, and how it works. How it is REVOLUTIONARY. That’s my job.  Of COURSE I’ll tell you that.  The wonderful part about all of this is that it’s TRUE. I don’t have to use marketing fluff and nonsense.  IBX does exactly what Famous Names Products developed it to do.  Man, I love my job!

As a Nail Technician,  when a client sits at my table and complains about breaking her nails, I’ll tell her “it’s not WHAT you do but how you do it.  Just as my 100lb 13yr old daughter stomps through the house like an elephant and my 220lb & 6’4″ husband sneaks up on me – it’s not what, but how.  Heavy feet, light feet.  Heavy hands, light hands.  I can repair & strengthen your nails, but the rest is up to you.”

What I can’t do is put words in someone else’s mouth. People will say what they want. Heck, I do all the time! I’m also not the most talented photographer; so photo-shopping images beyond cropping and lighting is not in my skill-set. If only. It would make life so much easier when I do some fun art and the picture turns out crap. 😦

Today, I’ll share images that aren’t photo-shopped.  I’m going to share words that are NOT my own. I’m going to share Marie’s very short little story with you.  I love Marie.  She doesn’t “faff about” (as my pals in the UK are fond of saying).  She cuts to the chase.  My kind of gal 🙂

marie-and-her-horse-winter marie-stacking-hay





“IBX is magic in a bottle. I should tell you a little about me and what my hands endure on a regular basis to help you understand why this stuff is so great. To start, I work on a horse farm, I am a horse girl. I do jobs that range from; brushing and bathing horses, cleaning the tack, shoveling horse  manure, stacking hay bails, scrubbing water and feed buckets, ride 2-3 horses daily. I also do oil changes on my car, I weld, I do my dishes by hand, wash my extremely long hair, enough to say my hands work hard on a regular daily basis.  Before IBX I could never keep a full set of nails half decent. Now I can say that even though I’m a totally country girl, my nails look nice all the time! That makes me really happy. I swear by IBX!  It works wonders to your nails and I strongly recommend it!”

So there you have it, in Marie’s own words.  Now here are some pictures of her nails. I should like to point out; she tends to visit every 3wks, and we always end up shortening them considerably.  Next opportunity, I’ll snap a pic of them without shortening them so you can truly appreciate how well they stand up to the test.  It’s also important to note the condition of her skin, take a good look!. Despite how hard she works, her skin looks great! YES Marie is one of my star pupils that moisturizes regularly with her Dadi’Oil, and my Victorious Balm.

12222016-13-44-30-shellac-3d-bows-xmas-marie 11062016-19-39-58-blue-shellac-hollow-gltr-velvet-sand-marie 17092016-20160917_135220-matteshellac-copper-marie 07282016-18-25-19-black-and-berberry-shallc-marie 02102017-20-12-49-blk-red-shellac-tulle-foil-mariemclellan0114207-14-08-09-matte-grey-holo-marie









Wouldn’t you like to have “Horsey-hands” too?

Old Grey Mare

The Old Grey Mare ain’t what she used to be.  That’s how I feel these days. Like an old grey mare. (and no comments from the peanut gallery, while I do colour my hair, my roots don’t have as many greys as you might think, so shush!)

It’s no secret that the beauty industry is physically demanding, and wearing upon our bodies.  Complaints of carpal-tunnel syndrome, back issues and more plague most of us.  For many, however, the issue is compounded by pre-existing conditions. Such as, arthritis.

Isn’t arthritis an old person’s disease? NOPE.  In fact, there exists “Junior Arthritis”.  It’s estimated by the CDC that 1 in 250 children under the age of 18 have arthritis or related rheumatological conditions (http://www.cdc.gov/arthritis/basics/childhood.htm).  I was one of them, that went undiagnosed until the age of 21.   For years I suffered with aches and pains and was emphatically told (by even my own doctor)  that I was a hypochondriac.  We now know that I have Raynaud’s Disease  and Rheumatoid Arthritis .    Early on, I didn’t give it much mind except that it gave me a valid reason not to suffer outside in the winter, and to crank up the heat while everyone else complained that they were hot.  I’ve never needed the weather network to forecast if it was going to rain or snow, my own built-in barometer made sure that I knew to get the umbrella out.

In recent months, my arthritis has kicked it up several notches.  As in I have been diagnosed as being in “Athritic Crisis”.  What does that mean? It means that not only are my hands and knees affected, but from my head to my toes.  This includes arthritis in my jaw and in my feet.  I have a Rheumatologist and she has been sending me for this test and the other, taking x-rays and referring me to a physiotherapist.  She also suspects that I have Fibromyalgia (which I won’t address since it’s not yet confirmed)  Recommendations are that I take medication to reduce inflammation, take up exercise and make changes to my diet.

I’m taking all their recommendations on board because yes, I’m in crisis. I can’t argue it because upon opening my eyes in the morning without even moving, I am in pain.  Simple, daily tasks such as opening a jar, squeezing toothpaste, cutting cabbage in half, pulling a zipper up are difficult, painful and sometimes flat out impossible for me to manage. I have lost count the number of times I have enlisted the help of a family member or even my neighbor to do something that I couldn’t manage on my own.  A couple of months ago, I removed pedicures from the service menu because I am simply incapable of tolerating the pain from performing the service.   I am even frequenting nail tech boards/forums less often because the act of typing is painful.

I joined a gym.  Whereupon I learned that all I can manage at this time is the treadmill. I did try a class. One class. Only 30min long. Umm hmm famous last words. I was crippled for a week and yelped any time I had to engage use of my thigh muscles to sit. Despite that I was incapable of doing half the routine!  I started using the WII Sport/Fit that we have.  That nasty, rude machine told me that I have a WII-FIT age of 60!  If you didn’t know, I was born in ’71 so that makes me 45.  Needless to say, the WII and I aren’t on speaking terms at the moment.

Wait a minute. Back it up. What? You want me to go on a diet? I’m only 122lbs!!!  We learn something new everyday.  I have learned that salt and sugar also adversely affect inflammation.  Houston, we have a problem!  My entire life I have eaten what I wanted, when I wanted without a single thought.  I enthusiastically enjoy 3-4 pots of coffee per day with 2 sugars and cream per cup PLUS about 1/2 bottle of coke per evening. Let’s not forget hard candy. I LOVE hard candy. Despite this, I refuse to be a victim and I am determined to be proactive because the alternative simply doesn’t suit me at all.CoffeeDragon

Enter the Dragon.  Yes. I have become a fire-breathing dragon.  I don’t suffer sugar & caffeine withdrawal very well. In fact, I’m downright horrible and impossible to live with.  I have been forced – by the need for pain reduction – to reduce sugar in all areas of my kitchen. I’m not enjoying food very much at the moment.  My family isn’t enjoying the Dragon. Oh well, sucks to be you. No one said that you had to live here.

I’m sharing this with you because if I seem to be a foodie these days, or I give the impression of being a health-nut; I’m not.   I simply don’t want to be a victim to the disease anymore.   I’m sharing this because I’m embarking upon a journey and I would like to record my progress.   I’m sharing this because there are many nail techs, like myself, who suffer needlessly in silence – THERE ARE resources out there to help you.  Lastly, I’m sharing this to raise awareness among clients/consumers.

When your nail tech asks you to relax your hand…. please do it.  You can’t imagine the physical pain she suffers when she has to wrestle with your stiff hand, nor can you imagine how that is multiplied over several clients in one day. In one week. Let me assure you, it’s a lot of pain.

If you don’t relax your hand, and/or make her ask you repeatedly to do so, don’t act surprised when she goes Zena on you.


Coming out…

Once upon a time there was a little girl afraid to speak her mind in fear of retribution.  She was afraid to ask questions, and terrified to share an opinion that differed from someone else’s, she just smiled and nodded along with everyone else.

So, nothing changed.

Then she found her lungs and hasn’t shut up since.

Our industry faces challenges due to several factors that vary in degrees across the globe.

  • Poor standards and/or lack of standards (health and safety, business licensing etc)
  • Unregulated education and unregulated educators
  • Lack of standardized education (quality of theory and practical techniques varies greatly)
  • Advertising by Brand/Manufacturers and Nailtechs alike, that perpetuates myths and straight up false information

These issues are not unique to our industry alone, so don’t misunderstand me. I’m not disparaging our industry and claiming it’s the worst.  There are worse industries out there.  However since the Nail Enhancement Industry is the one that interests me, that’s the one we are discussing.

Further up we established that I found my lungs and now I can’t be shut up. I’ll own it.  Yes, I have a mouth and I’m not afraid to use it.  There have been occasions that I’ve done so to later receive private messages that read as follows

  • “You took the words right out of my mouth!! But I can’t say anything or offend my friends who use that brand”
  • “I wish I had your courage to say what I think”
  • “I stopped teaching for that company because I couldn’t repeat the lies they wanted me to share”
  • “way to go! I love what you share. I don’t bother anymore, no one listens”
  • “As an Education, I’m not allowed to let anyone know publicly that I use product A  instead of that product  B from this brand, but in the Salon I use and retail product A. It’s so much better. I hate that Product B changed and we weren’t told!”
  • “I love what you said!  I love your honesty, why aren’t more people and companies honest?”

That’s a very good question.

Why aren’t more people and companies HONEST.

Here’s an idea.  Share your honest thoughts, put them out there.  I’m not suggesting go out and start fights.   What I’m suggesting is put honest information out there.  Share the facts, dispense with the fiction and stop myths right in their tracks.  Don’t tolerate false and/or misleading advertising. Speak out against it. Ask Questions and demand explanations. Don’t be false.  Don’t smile and nod in agreement if you don’t agree. If you can’t stand behind Product B because the company is doing XYZ, then say so.   If you think the school you attended dropped the ball because you have since learned through ongoing education that their curriculum is outdated, or incorrect or whatever; then advise them and point them in the right direction.   Is an educator perpetuating the cycle of bad information?  Share the right information with her.   Does your client think gel is better because her nails can breathe; instead of smiling benignly, correct her and educate her.   I’m not suggesting everyone run amok bashing brands or whatnot that they don’t like.  I’m talking about combating ignorance and raising the bar.

None of us are JFK, Abe Lincoln, or Pauline Marois (that’s a Quebec thing so unless you’re Canadian, you probably won’t understand that last reference).   We aren’t going to be shot at for speaking our minds.

Afraid to lose a friend on Facebook for stating the truth?  I do mean truth by the way.  Truth based on science and facts, not fiction and not opinion either.

Take it from someone with experience in the matter. I have shared some thoughts that have not been popular. Yes, I did indeed take some flak for that and I still do. Did I lose friends? That would depend on your definition of friend.   Am I still standing? YES.  I have NOT been shot. Although I dare say that there might be a few that would pull the trigger or at the very least, might high-five me to the face with a chair. To their displeasure, I’m still sitting here yammering away.  Sucks to be them.

Let me ask you this – Do you TRULY LOVE this industry enough that you want it to be BETTER than it is?    If your answer is a resounding yes, then it’s time for you to come out.  Come out from behind closed doors, from the inside of closets and from behind private messages and emails.  Come out with pride and use your voice and let it be the voice of change.

For those that say that speaking out changes nothing, my honest reply is not fit for polite company so I’ll just say ‘bollocks’.  It DOES change things. I witness the truth of that every single day! It has been proven over and over again throughout history that a strong group of voices CAN produce change!

Come out from hiding and speak up! I can’t hear you!

Things won’t change unless you do.





The Sky Is Blue

In this wonderfully fabulous technologically advanced world, we are lucky to enjoy spending time chatting with people around the globe via email, text, online boards, and chat forums.   We are truly fortunate to share ideas and spend time with some very interesting people.

Some people are very interesting indeed.  Meet my four friends below.

The Embellisher


The Interchanger


The Negative-Nelly


The Assuming-Extrapolator


I’m expecting that by the time you’ve finished reading those comics, you’re wondering why the lady with the walking stick hasn’t beat the other woman over the head with it. If you’re not, you have the patience of a saint and you’re a better person than I am.

The Embellisher:  She (I’m using ‘she’ to save myself some keystrokes) will add words to what you’ve said.  She will put words in your mouth that you never uttered and likely never thought of.

The Interchanger: She will change what you said, exchanging one word for another and accuse you of miscommunication and/or misrepresentation despite that she is the one who edited what you said.

The Negative-Nelly: She is combative, seeing personal offense where there is none. She has a negative outlook about everyone and everything, and always assumes the worst. Her hyper-active imagination runs wild with things never said.

The Assuming-Extrapolator: Instead of taking your words at face value, they will distort them, and extract meanings and intentions you never had.  They will attempt to put words in your mouth that you never uttered. All the while pointing a finger at you as if you are the evil culprit for having offended them, while they themselves are the author of what offends them. Which causes me to think that if that’s the case, is it a subconscious way of self-criticizing?  (forget that, I’m not their shrink and don’t want to be hahahaha)

The Schizophrenic: Her comic isn’t featured above, but is rather a blend of 2 or more traits featured.  She will drive you insane and will cause you to google hit-men and to check your bank account to see if you can afford one. If you have to suffer a conversation with someone that suffers 2 or more of of the characteristics above, you have my condolences.

I have both witnessed these situations, and suffered these situations.  Every time, it leaves me shaking my head in wonder at the offender.   I’m sure many have also experienced it in day to day life, face to face with people. But on the web, it’s even MORE frustrating.  Let me explain.

I’ve discussed this previously before on my Facebook when I’ve seen spats occur in forums.   There are certain communication factors missing when one is relying entirely upon the written word.   Such as: facial expression, tone of voice, inflections, hand gestures.   These affect the words we utter.  THEN add to that the variables that affect styles of speech and communication such as:  age, gender, education, culture, location on the globe.  Last but not least, in some cases English is a second language for some, so then things are lost in translation.

Debates.  Yup. That’s a scary word for some folks.  Please be reminded what a debate is by referring to this Note I shared on my profile on Facebook.   Debates are NOT personal.  They are an exchange of ideas. That’s it. If you’re making it personal, that’s YOUR problem.  Learn the art of “Agreeing to Disagree” in an amicable fashion like an adult. Save the snarky sarcasm and insults, it only makes you look childish.   Debate-Agree to Disagree.

So here’s a suggestion before you get your knickers in a twist over nothing.

Or two, or more…

Take words at their face value: Do NOT edit or re-author. Read them as they are written. If need be, get a dictionary. Do NOT paraphrase!! Not all words are created equal which is why we have so many! Your paraphrasing is not likely to be what they meant. Read them as they are written. I can’t stress this enough.

When in doubt, ask a question: if you do not understand, then ask a question. Please don’t be general with “explain!”.  Get specific. Ask about the part you do not understand. OR say “what do you mean when you said…?”

Do NOT assume:  I shouldn’t need to remind you, but I will.  When you ‘Assume”, you will make an ASS out of U in front of ME.

Stop Imagining things: Save your imagination for art class. You don’t need it to read conversations in chat-forums. It will only get you in trouble.

Last but not least….

If you’re in a negative frame of mind – STEP AWAY FROM THE KEYBOARD!!

Now. For the last time.

The Sky is BLUE.   Just plain old regular blue. That’s it. That’s all. I don’t man turquoise, or periwinkle.  I didn’t mean anything by it. I haven’t inferred anything because quite honestly, I hadn’t thought beyond that – that the sky is blue. I am not a meteorologist predicting the weather and providing a future forecast. I am not suggesting that you’re stupid and didn’t know that already.  I haven’t been rude yet, but I can be if you keep making assumptions and putting words in my mouth.

Peace out.


My Christmas Wish For You

My little ones aren’t so little this year. We didn’t go see Santa or write him letters. We aren’t setting out cookies for him either. We aren’t waiting until they’re in bed to put their stockings under the tree.   We don’t have as much under the tree since my business still isn’t as busy as it was when I was in Montreal. Also, the children are older, so the things they like are pricier. Our tree looks a tad barren.  Ho hum…
For gosh knows why, there’s no snow on the ground this Christmas Eve. As much as I detest winter and snow…Christmas isn’t the same without that cold white stuff.
There’s been a lot of sad moments this year. Maybe it’s because as I get older, so do my friends and family and well…. we know what that means.  It’s hard to smile when there’s an empty spot in your home, and an aching space in your heart.
Plus some crappy stuff. My van died, so my travel is limited and no new vehicle on the horizon any time soon.  Bah humbug…
HOWEVER despite all of this, what we don’t have or who isn’t here, we WILL Celebrate what is wonderful about Christmas.
What is wonderful about this Christmas Season is that I am fortunate to have a home provided by a loving and hard-working husband. I have two extraordinary daughters who I am exceptionally proud of. I have furbabies that love me with bedhead and morning breath as much as they love me when I have cookies in my hands. I have friends that care about my wellbeing. I have made new friends this year. I have a GREAT career and work for a fabulous company. I have wonderfully talented and inspiring peers and industry mentors that push me forward and support my goals. I have quit smoking and it’s 8mths now and in spite of the hardships, I’m still not smoking. There’s a turkey in the fridge that will go into the oven tomorrow and our pal Uncle Bill aka our vet will join us for Christmas. I have clients that are caring and appreciative of me who generously gifted me with some yummies.
The list goes on.
So while my life is not perfect, and perhaps I’m not exactly where I want to be at this moment in time; I am where I need to be. I’m happy, healthy, and loved.
With that said, my Christmas Wish for all of you is that no matter what life has thrown your way, please find YOUR happiness that’s within your reach. Look around you. See how very fortunate you truly are, and take joy in that. Write a list of all that is wonderful in your life. All that is GOOD. No matter how small it might be, it DOES make a difference and it DOES MATTER. Then go to sleep tonight with a smile on your face and dream of what a wonderful life you really truly have. Yes, we all have misfortune. There has to be ‘some’. Without one, there can’t be the other. So to appreciate the joy, there must be sadness. The greater the sadness, the greater the joy. It’s a balance.
The trick is to accept the sadness as part of the journey and to focus on the joys.
Embrace the joys. It makes it all worth it.
I love you all and wish all of you a Merry Christmas
PS: This started as a Facebook status, but as usual… I rambled hahahaha
 2015-12-24 22.12.02


Life gets in the way of living

I read a quote online.

“Grief is like the ocean, it comes in waves, ebbing and flowing. Sometimes the water is calm, sometimes it’s overwhelming. All we can do is learn to swim.”

They forgot to mention that it also feels like you’re drowning. It is a suffocating pain. It steals your breath, burns your throat, and constricts like steel bands around your chest until there’s no air to be had. Grief will steal all sensible thought from your mind, until you are simultaneously an emotional geyser, yet numb at the same time. It shreds you. It shreds you from the inside out until you’re nothing but a raw mess.

A friend once told me “Life gets in the way of living” and I’ve repeated that many times since. It’s true. But never more so than it is today.  Today, which began as an unremarkable morning, will be a date that is forever burnt on all of our hearts. December 17th, the day that life got in the way of living.

Pat was a natural nurturer. As far as I know, she always has been. She did choose a life-long career as a Nurse after all. She also spent much of her free time playing in the kitchen, cooking and baking up a storm for everyone. Heck, I’ve known her over 35yrs, and she’s never been anything BUT nurturing. She nurtured everyone. While doing a great job of raising her own four kids, she even took on strays. Everyone was welcome in her home, any time, to stay as long as they needed. Some needed only a few moments of her time. Some needed hours. Some needed a few months or more. She was always there, always available.

Don’t kid yourself. She didn’t molly-coddle. She balanced nurturing with discipline, and honesty. Straight up, I have been on the receiving end and have been personally chastised with “don’t be stupid!” and “you dummy!”. The very same woman has also said to me “I’m so very proud of you!”.

When I was a kid, she was just my friend’s Mom. She was there to put band-aids on scraped knees, serve lemonade on sunny days, and yell at us if we got too rowdy (which, I honestly don’t recall much yelling. I think she rather liked the noise of kids playing LOL).

I could list all the moments where she’s been a part of my life. It’s a long list. However, the moments themselves aren’t important. That she was THERE for those moments, and a part of my life is what is important.

That’s it. She was there. Always there. Always available. No matter what was asked of her, or when. Without quibble or fuss, or complaint, or any fanfare. She was there. She wanted to be there. For the tears and the smiles.  All of it.  A part of it. Giving all she had, silently and without asking anything for herself in return. There was no scorecard. Often, she was there without being asked. Where and when she was needed, you could count on her. If didn’t matter if you drifted apart for awhile, because she would just pick up where things left off without missing a beat.  Then at the end of it, she’d envelop you in a great squishing hug of comfort or joy depending on the occasion. She would wipe our tears, and laugh with great guffaws at our silliness.

Somehow, as time passed, she stopped being my friend’s Mom. She became my 2nd Mom, and an additional Grandparent to my children who call her Auntie Pat.  And somewhere in the middle of that, she became MY friend. I can’t put my finger on when that happened. It just was. I’m thankful for it.  I do remember a moment when I realized it.  She was talking about her birthday party, and telling someone who she wanted to invite.  She said “Victoria”.  They asked her “Victoria? Really?”  Pat replied “Yes, she’s my friend”. I remember how I felt when she told me that story. That feeling is right here with me now.

When we moved to Ontario 2yrs ago, 1.5hrs away from our home, that didn’t change things. We still saw her lovely face every 2wks. Every 2wks she would show up on our doorstep, with grocery bags of left-overs from her kitchen. Because, as she said, what was she to do with all those leftovers? She didn’t know how to cook ‘small’. Often she’d have extra little things for the kids, and she’d include home-made jams, pickles and sauces of all kinds. Or she’d been on a shopping trip out of town and she’d grab one of my favorites, particularly British types of food that remind me of my own Nana who hailed from England just like Pat. Even if she had heard me say it before, she’d listen to me reminisce all over again about my Nana. Just smiling and nodding, while she unpacked the goodies. We’d do her nails while chattering away about our families, life, politics, what did the girls do in school, what mischief were the dogs up to, was hubby enjoying the last batch of tabloid magazines? We’d have dinner together sometimes.  She frequently insisted on treating us and wouldn’t budge when we wanted to treat her.  You don’t argue with Pat.  As much as she’s my friend, she still scares the crap outta me. I know when I’ve met my match. Then she’d trundle off in her car with a bag of empty Tupperware, likely already planning the next bag she’d pack for us.  That was her way of taking care of us, of nurturing us. She did it all, with a great big smile, a squishee hug and an emphatic kiss.  She never asked for anything for herself. Not once. Not ever.

Pat was finally getting her dream kitchen. Her kitchen was being refinished and she was so very excited about it. She was anxious and impatient.  She talked about it for months. Oh, the great things that she was planning. The wonders she intended to create in that new kitchen.  She was concerned it wouldn’t be ready in time for her to do Christmas dinner and she was annoyed that she wouldn’t get her Christmas baking done on time. When she was here last week, she was expressing her concerns and telling me that she’d finish up her baking after Christmas and bring us our basket then. (Which usually means we get lots more than most because we get all the left-overs). She was looking forward to her new kitchen. I was so happy for her. This was FOR HER. Something for her alone.

Then,… life got in the way of living…. I think that’s what happened. She’s always so busy fussing and taking care of everyone else and busy with “life”, that she doesn’t stop to take care of herself.  So, “life” got in the way of living.

I had to break the news to my girls this afternoon. One of the harder things I’ve had to do as a parent  I had a few hours to think on it. As I suspected, my eldest took it the hardest. So I did the only thing I knew of. That Pat had done for me when I was grieving over a miscarriage. I cuddled with her. We went and lay down under a blanket and cuddled. We cried and cuddled and then I told her what I know to be true. “Auntie Pat would want you to be happy. She doesn’t want to see you sad. She loves you and is so very proud of you. She would want you to go on living your life to the fullest”.

I expect that right about now, wherever she’s at, she’s raising hell. I’m sure she’s giving someone grief for daring to interrupt her when she has things to do, and people to take care of, and Christmas dinner to cook, and cookies to bake. I guarantee that someone is trying to hide while she rants in anger that her new kitchen is waiting for her.   Last but not least of all this, I’ll bet my bottom dollar that she is beside herself because all of her loved ones are crying and she’s not here to wipe their tears away and give them great big squishing hugs.

I don’t feel sorry for whomever she’s yelling at. They’ve got it coming and Pat’s always fair.

I literally have visions in my mind of this.  Short little Pat utterly irate, and some poor fellow’s trying to dodge her words that are like bullets. I won’t lie. I sat laughing at these visions in my head.  We all know it.  While Pat is a beautifully indomitable woman and we don’t want to be on the receiving end, it’s sure as heck funny to watch someone else get it.

Forever gone from our arms and home, always with us in heart and soul.

1930314_74640730384_5583_n #2

My beautiful, indomitable Pat. With me always & forever. Aug 2nd 1946 to Dec 17th 2015

Brand-Bullies in the Biz

I remember when my children were smaller, and would go to the park to play. It was a busy park because there were a lot of children in the neighborhood, and the day-camps and day-cares made use of it as well.  It had everything.  Small junglegym for toddlers and preschoolers. Large junglegym and slide for older kids.  Swings, etc.    One day, my children were playing on the smaller junglegym.  they were ages 4 and 6.   An older child teased my eldest for playing on the ‘babybars’.    Mereena was notably upset because she was quite happy to play on the smaller junglegym so that she could play with her younger sister.   At that time, she didn’t like the larger one.  I told her not to worry about that kid, he could go play with whatever he wanted because it had absolutely nothing to do with her.  As long as she was content, that’s all that mattered.  The park was for everyone to enjoy. That’s why there were different toys in it. Because everyone is different. He was just being a bully.

Fast forward a few years and my youngest is in elementary school.  She’s a HUGE fan of ‘Cars’ as in Lightening McQueen and has everything you can think of.   Toy cars, Pajamas, lunch pail, winter boots, running shoes, etc.  She would have had ‘Cars’ underwear too, but I didn’t want to have to explain the flap LMFAO.    She LOVED that movie and everything that went with it.  We loved seeing how anything ‘Cars’-related made her smile. One day she came home from school and asked me to buy her a new thermos.  I asked why.  She said the kids made fun of her for having a “boy’s” thermos. She was in tears.  No matter what I said, her mind was made up by the Bullies at school.  No more “Cars” for her.   I was near tears myself that night when I scrubbed the “Cars” scene from her thermos so that it would be plain stainless steel.  She asked me to give away all her “Cars” things. It broke my heart.

WHY?   Why try to ruin someone’s love for something by bullying them?  Why be mean because they don’t like the same things that you do?  Why be cruel and toss insults because their choices are different from yours?   As a Mother, these situations hurt me because they hurt my children.  We have all witnessed bullying in the schoolyards and playgrounds.  We all participate in promoting anti-bullying awareness.

Moving on.

A handful of years ago, I noticed a strange situation on a Nail Tech forum.   I wasn’t one to follow gossip, so it took a while for me to catch on.   There had been some shifting within one Brand, and a new Brand was born.  A lot of Nail Techs left the former, and followed the New brand.  Next thing we knew; former friends had become staunch enemies.  The Nail Tech forum became a battlground and a lot of bullying took place there and behind the scenes in private messages.

What? Why?   Over what brand of product to use?   Does anyone even care what brand of soap I use on my face, or what brand of cereal I pour into my bowl?  If I tell you, will you suddenly stop talking to me, and start tossing insults my way?

Present Day.

I use brands A, B, and C at my table.  I’m not using the names at the moment because it’s irrelevant to this blog post.  Suffice it to say, neither of the 3 brands meet ALL my needs 100%  Neither of the 3 brands can deliver all the types of product that “I” want to use.   So, I carry all 3.  I’m happy, and my clients are happy. That’s all that matters right?   Please note: I do NOT mix ‘systems’. When I use Hard Gel of Soak-Off Gel or Acrylic or Gel polish or Gel Paint etc, I use the entire system by the Brand for steps A through Z.  I just felt that I needed to clarify that point.  Some might mistakenly assume otherwise. So to be clear – No, I’m not playing at being a “Mad Scientist”.

If a product from Brand A doesn’t meet the needs of a client, but a product from Brand C does, then I choose C.  The same is true for vice versa.  At the end of the day,my choices are based upon MY CLIENT’S NEEDS‘. Not by the name on the label. My first responsibility as a Nail Tech is to meet my clients’ needs. That’s it, that’s all.

There are those that will shout and scream “Brand Loyalty!”.  Are you serious?  Does Brand X give a rats-butt if you decide to buy Brand Y  Jam?  Does the peanut butter from Brand X care if it sits next to peanut butter from Brand Y in the pantry?   Does Brand Z laundry detergent care if you use Brand W fabric softener?  Are those companies yelling in commercials, or in advertising about Brand loyalty?

Frankly, I think the “Brand Loyalty” mantra is for those insecure  about their products/brand.  They’re afraid that the tech just might discover something they like better. Here’s a proposal for you – offer more, offer better and you won’t have to worry about that. AND if your product is good or even GREAT, then it’ll keep on sitting right next to the other brand on the table and won’t go anywhere.  Why can’t a Nail Tech use more than one brand?

If you read the first paragraphs of this blog post and shook your head in disgust at the bullies, then you should also shake your head in disgust at Brand Bullies.  There’s enough room for everyone and everything in the park.

Also, if you’re going to dislike me and toss insults at me based upon what brand I choose to use for whichever nail service. HANG ON! I have a WHOLE LIST of reasons for you to choose from to help you dislike me. Why limit yourself to ‘brands’ of nail products?

Ps: for the record, my laundry detergent and fabric softener come from two different companies and get along together just fine 😉2015-10-06 14.55.41

Recap on Princess Parties to Rotten Royalty

So chatting away with my lovely galpal Athena Elliot of Nail Talk Radio, she asked for me to call in on her show and contribute. Sadly, technology got the best of us and calling in wasn’t quite as easy as it should be. Thanks again Elaine Watson for pitching in!  Your sentiments mirror my own!  I’ll link the show so further below so that you can listen to playback. Sorry if I sound like a nutter. I was a tad frazzled from the confusion of getting me online 😉

So here’s a recap of thoughts I shared prior to the show and during the show.

On a regular basis in nail tech chat forums, the question arises whether or not to do services on a child or a young adolescent.  The debates fly back and forth and often end up with someone feeling butthurt (as they say). The following are my thoughts on the subject.

I used to offer a service called “Princess Parties”.  This service involved showing up at a location offering mini-manicures to little girls at a birthday party.  They would get to use an edible sugar scrub and wash their hands, then sit around a dining table in a group while I told jokes and got silly with them.  All while filing and painting their nails, finishing up with ‘fairy dust’ straight from Tinker Bell herself. Sometimes the party was for older adolescents. Needless to say my ‘Fairy dust’ wasn’t the talk of those parties. hahaha

Some parties were great fun to do and the children were absolute angels.  Other parties were a dreaded nightmare. I couldn’t get out of there fast enough. Regardless that the good parties far outweighed the bad, I still had to ponder why I offered this service.  I questioned myself often about it. Gave it considerable thought. Especially as a Mother, not only as a Nail Tech.

As a Nail Tech, these were the concerns that plagued my mind.   Children’s nails are very soft and retain a great deal of moisture.  This is the primary reason that nail polish doesn’t last very long on children, and it doesn’t matter what brand you use or what techniques.  Their nails are too pliable and the high moisture content prevents a good bond to the nail plate.  Because children’s nails are very soft, the risk of damaging a nail is very high.  Even the slightest nudge with a file or buffing block or orangewood stick could gouge a nail.  Given that product is prone to lift off from a child’s nails, two more issues are presented.  One being that bacteria and whatnot can be trapped in that pocket.  As we know, children are dirty little critters. I know. I have two of them.  I love them!  But they are dirty little beasties and mine are cleaner than most hahahahaha   You can nag until you are purple in the face, but they often have dirty hands and their hygiene habits are questionable at best.   This means that children are high at risk for developing an infection on their nail plate between the bacteria and the high moisture content.  Lastly, when product lifts from a nail plate, it can tear the nail plate.   When product – whether it’s nail polish, gel polish or enhancements – tears from a nail plate, it damages the nail plate.  This is irrefutable, we’ve all seen it.

As Nail Techs we are trained to perform a client consult before services to determine how to best meet the needs of the client AND to determine if the client is suitable to RECEIVE the services that they are seeking.  We have to rule out contra-indications.  We know that the product won’t stay bonded to the nail plate, and we know that there is a high risk of infection of the nail plate and then add to that we know there’s a high risk of damage to the nail plate.   Are those not contra-indications and would it NOT be in the best interest of the client NOT to receive the service?  Some Nail Techs make the statement that minors under the age of 16 are not covered under their professional liability insurance and in many cases this is true.  But I also know of many techs that make that statement even if their insurance doesn’t state so because they are uncomfortable with providing services to minors.  I wonder why?

Especially with acrylics and hard gel enhancements.  On the Nail Talk Radio’s page, and on the show, we discussed an image of a pacifier-sucking toddler having acrylic nails applied.  See here.

Princess Parties to Rotten Royalty

Princess Parties to Rotten Royalty

I stand by my original statement and see no need to explain myself. NO I do NOT think that this is appropriate. NO I do NOT think the person applying the enhancements is Professional (as in behavior, nothing to do with training). I also feel that it borders on child-abuse. Flog me if you like, that’s my opinion. Don’t like it? Too bad.

On several occasions I have refused hard enhancements to minors under the age of 16.  On three occasions, the parents brought the children back to me because they had suffered injury at the hands of another nail tech and/or caused injury to themselves. One of my clients is featured in this newscast that I appeared in against MMA and NSS.  As found here on youtube ” CTV News Salon Dangers “.  Her younger sister had received services at the same salon, then injured herself playing with a ball a couple of days later. The force she hit her nail with caused it to rip from the nailbed clear to the eponychium (the cuticle for those unfamiliar).  Her mother called me at 9pm that night, while she cried and howled in the background suffering. they came straight to my home, the child with skin pale like snow, and wearing a heavy bathrobe on a very hot August evening.   She was in shock from the pain. We cleaned her finger and covered it. I couldn’t do anything until the wound healed. (this was before I knew better than to ‘treat’).  Then I proceeded to remove the rest of the enhancements gently and safely.   She was 12-13yrs old.  One would ‘think’ old enough to wear enhancements.   But children do play….

Children’s nails start to harden up around puberty. Now while their nailplates may have matured and might be ready, the child is likely NOT ready.  I have only to look to my list of clients to know that many adults struggle with wearing enhancements.  Consistently banging them and nibbling them, causing breakage.  This breakage causes trauma to the nail plate.  Damage.   If adults have a difficulty coping with nail enhancements, children’s difficulties are even greater.

As a Mother, my concerns regards the current trend of mani-pedi services targeting children appears to contribute to the Lolita Syndrome.  If you’re unaware of Lolita Syndrome, google “Lolita syndrome” and “Lolita phenomenom” to learn more and you’ll find that the issue concerns the sexual objectification of little girls.  A very real issue among female children today.   I’m confused by this trend.  I thought quality time with children meant doing what THEY like to do. Such as playing in the park, making mud-pies, having tea-parties, and similar.  Yes, playing dress-up is a part of life. Every little girl wants to be like their Mother.  But when is it too much?   When mother and daughter attend the salon; does this make the daughter happy because it’s what she really wants to do OR does it make her happy because it’s the only kind of quality time she gets with her Mother so she ‘chooses’ to like the activity to please her Mother?  You have only to think back to your own childhood and compare it to children of today to see the tremendous differences.  How much do ‘adult services’ such as mani/pedis’ contribute to this syndrome?  How much is ‘safe and harmless’, and how much is too much?   With my own children, I chose to err on the side of caution and discouraged them from becoming interested.  I chose instead to focus on encouraging them to be CHILDREN instead of miniature adults, and encouraged traditional children’s activities. They are now 12 and 14yrs old and only starting to express ‘real’ interest and such things.  When I compare them to some of their counterparts, I’m  glad for the decision I made.

How does all of that play out in my salon? I choose to have a policy of no enhancements for children under 16, and no gel polish services for children under 12 AND I removed Princess Parties from my services menu several years ago.    My decisions are based on my professional stance that nail health  & client safety are a priority, based on my insurance AND LASTLY on my own personal opinions.

Ahhhh but what do personal opinions have to do with Business.  Ordinarily, I would say nothing. In most cases, that is very true. Personal opinions have no place in business. However, I believe in raising industry standards, and I also believe the old adage of “it takes a village to raise a child”.

Call me old fashioned if you want. Heck, call me a nosy-busybody who ought to mind her own counsel and that it’s not my affair if a mother wants her child to have acrylic enhancements.

At the end of the day, my responsibility is to the CLIENT who in this case is a child who can’t possibly understand the ramifications and risks of an adult luxury service and I must put my client first. So in my professional opinion, it is NOT in her best interest to receive a service that can potentially cause her harm.  As to my personal opinion, does it play part? I’m sure that it does. I could turn a blind eye and just take everyone’s money and not care.  Many techs do that. “It’s just money”.  I could ask parents to sign a disclaimer (which will be unlikely to hold any water in a court of law).

Think on this: One Princess Party I did, I was greeted at the door by a shocking sight.   Little girls, ages 8 & 9yrs of age.  Playing dress-up. Not in little princess dresses or animal costumes. No.  They were attired in the sort of outfits one expects to see in a strip-club, complete with leopard print and see-through platform stiletto heels. I will never forget it.  My stomach still churns at the memory.  Clearly the mother had dug it out of the back of her closet because there was  a LARGE collection of the attire and shoes.  I was revolted and horrified.  Teaching little girls that THAT is the way to be attractive.

Maybe that mother doesn’t know when it’s too much, but I do and the buck stops here. Keep your money, no thank you very much.

Listen to Nail Talk Radio’s episode here:  Princess Party to Rotten Royalty.